Monday, June 25, 2012

Passing Parameters to Remote PowerShell Session Inside a Script

Let’s take a look at the following script named md.ps1:

When I run using below syntax it will not work as expected on a remote computer.

PS> .\md.ps1 “computer1” “Release” “ReleaseBuildConfig”

It will replace $BuildDefinition variable but then it will not list all its child folders.  Further more it will not replace $configuration variable with the value, for example, “Release” or “Debug”.   As soon as I hard coded them the rest of the command worked just fine.  Ok so what was the issue.

It turns out that when you are trying to pass parameters to a script and then invoke a remote powershell session and access variables inside that PSsession then you have to declare them twice in your scripts. Yes Twice.  Check the final script.

It was painful to figure it out and my co-worker friend helped me figure it out.

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