Friday, October 5, 2012

Visual Studio 2012 goes search first

Visual Studio 2012 is awesome and my favorite tool that I use daily.  The one thing that I like about VS2012 is how search is implemented more than before and its quick launch textbox on the top right corner.  In this post I want to highlight different places where search box is implemented and where you can  use a shortcut to highlight the box without using a mouse.  

Quick Launch with shortcut Ctrl+Q

In New Project dialog, search using shortcut Ctrl+E 

 Inside Solution Explorer, search for a particular file using shortcut Ctrl+;

      You can not only search for files but you can also search functions within files.  Absolutely magic, see the screenshot below where I searched details and it showed me where Details appeared.  Pretty Cool.

    Inside Team Explorer – Search work items using shortcut Ctrl+’

    Inside Reference Manager – Search using Ctrl+E.  Works for Package Manager dialog too.

        Inside Toolbox, search using well just click it.  Although I would love to have a shortcut to highlight that search box.

     Search Error List,

     Search a Class View

     Search in Code Analysis

If you find any place else a search box inside Visual Studio 2012 then let me know, I would be glad to include it in this post.

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