Thursday, September 23, 2021

DevOps Links for 23/9/2021

DevOps Exercises

Everything that you can imagine related to DevOps can be found in this GitHub Repository. Most comprehensive list of DevOps exercises, questions and answers on DevOps. Enjoy.

State of the DevOps Report 2021

I created a twitter thread if you want to read more. Vast majority of the organizations are stuck in the middle of their DevOps journey. They haven't been able to bridge the gap between their organizational silos and achieve meaningful organizational change.

Mix of blockers for low-evolution DevOps teams include resistance to change, legacy architecture, shortage of skills, limited or lack of automation, and unclear goals or objectives.

Teams that are good at DevOps have strong identities, clear responsibilities with a high degree of autonomy over their own function and have well-defined interaction paradigms and communication channels with other teams. I think this is true of any high performing team.

High performing teams use Automation and Cloud to their advantage better than others.

Introduction to DevOps Dojo.

My favorite piece of information in the above Dojo article is the quote from Satya Nadella. 

"I want our best engineers to work on our engineering systems, so that we can later on come back and build all the new concepts we want." - Satya Nadella

As an engineer, when you recommend making improvements to your internal systems, then very few managers understand the importance of prioritizing that work. These improvements are either brushed off as - not enough time, not billable work, it doesn’t add any value, and it is not a high priority.  

GitHub Actions Tip: Create ACTIONS_STEP_DEBUG secret and set it to true to view debug logs when your action runs.

Ever wonder what's installed on your GitHub Action Runner?

GitHub Actions Runner is a virtual machine that runs your different actions in the pipeline. These actions typically depend upon some software to be installed on this machine. Out of the box it comes with a long list of pre-installed software. It has CLIs for major cloud providers, package managers, build tools, and more. When your GitHub Action executes, in the log you can find a link that points to a GitHub page that lists all the software that is installed on that particular VM. For a sample, you can check the Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS list here.

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