Thursday, September 30, 2021

DevOps Links for 30/9/2021

GitHub CLI

Do you know that you can work with GitHub through the command line? But isn't it already the case when I do git commit? No that is Git CLI. GitHub - the website where you host repos and collaborate with developers to create pull requests and issues, also has a CLI. This post explains on how to get started with GitHub CLI. You can download the CLI from

 Using scope with ARM templates to deploy across subscriptions.

Do you know ARM templates? Well ARM templates allow you to deploy your Azure resources using a JSON template. You can define resources using JSON and build templates that can be reused. This post explains how you can use scope with ARM templates to deploy resources across subscriptions. Normally when you learn about ARM, you deploy a template into a resource group. Well what if you want to deploy something across subscriptions? That's when you use scope. Go check out the article in more detail.

GitHub Codespaces

My first encounter with GitHub Codespaces was when I delivered a Microsoft Cloud Immersion workshop. Getting started with Codespaces was a breeze. Onboarding developers is fun and fast. Just point them to the repo and off they go. Codespaces are like a dev vm with everything setup for you to get developing.

DevOps Periodic Table

Lots of tools in the DevOps space and this one is a creative way to visualize them.

Getting started with Bicep

Bicep is the new language that you can use to deploy your resources into Azure. It has a CLI and during the deployment stage, the Bicep CLI converts the bicep file into an ARM template. It makes writing IAAC code little bit easier. 

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